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Spottie WIFI Is Set To Drop His New Song "The King's Alpha" Next Week. Find Out More:

The best, and only, CryptoPunk rapper, Spottie WIFI, gave the community “The King’s Alpha” on his new partnership and song yesterday evening.

After an eventual 2022 that included performing at Ape Fest, Spottie WIFI took to Twitter and told his fans that 2023 will be even bigger for the king of the punks.

“Today I’m announcing that I have partnered with for a NFT drop for my new song “The King’s Alpha,” the title track of my new album,” Spottie said.

Spottie’s new song “The Kings Alpha” and the track's accompanying NFT will have a Presale and public sale next week on February 6th and 7th. This NFT will be an open edition mint that cost .08 Eth each, according to Spottie. Further, the King’s Alpha song will feature an interlude by Bored Ape Yacht Club member and rapper Snoop Dogg .

"The King's Alpha is the intro and title track of my sophomore album which drops in April,” Spottie told the Gazette. “This song tells the story of everything that has happened in the past year since my debut album dropped - from linking up with legends like Bun B and Jim Jones for this new album, to opening for Lil Wayne, Eminem and Snoop Dogg at Ape Fest. BAYC has played a major role in that whole journey so I'm excited to share the song and later the music video with the whole yacht club.”

Check out a sneak peak of the King’s Alpha here:

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Spottie WIFI and will keep you posted on The King’s Alpha. For more information on Spottie's upcoming drop, check out his Soundxyz below:

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