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STAY SAFE: Yuga Labs Reminded Voyagers To Stay Vigilant During Tomorrow's Second Trip

As Voyagers get ready for a fun filled Saturday on the Otherside, Yuga Labs took to Twitter and reminded the community to stay alert and stay safe!

Saturday is going to be anything but boring around the swamp; and Yuga Labs wants to make sure that you and your high value NFTs are safe during the second trip!

“As we get closer to 2nd Trip, we'd like to remind everyone to be mindful with what accounts they interact with,” the company tweeted today. “Confirm that you are interacting with the official Otherside account (with the handle "@OthersideMeta" and Yuga Labs affiliate badge).”

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, this “Affliate feature badge” was added to Yuga Labs’ Twitter acocunts on March 7th.

“The Yuga Labs affiliate badge is now live on all official brand handles and should be used to validate that the account you are interacting with is a legitimate Yuga Labs page,” the company tweeted. “Be vigilant and use to cross reference any links you see on official accounts. The Yuga Labs account will not have an affiliate badge, but you can confirm it’s legitimate by checking the affiliate tab can also now be found on this account listing all of the official brand accounts.”

Another way to keep your assets safe during tomrrow’s second trip is by using a warm wallet.

“ delegation will be supported for the 2nd Trip,” Yuga Labs wrote in a blog post earlier this month. “On All Otherdeeds held in the cold storage wallet delegated to the hot wallet connecting to the experience will be eligible for credit as attending the 2nd Trip. “

“Warm lets you use your hot wallet as if it owned the assets in your cold wallet,” Warm.Xyz wrote on its website. “That’s comfortably interact with web3 apps without the fear of exposing your valuable assets. Simply connect with the wallet you want to be your cold wallet and link your hot wallet. Securely.”

As a final reminder, Yuga Labs will not be doing any surprise mints or early entries tomrrow.

“Reminder - ​​there will be no surprise tests or events, and the link to access 2nd Trip will be cross posted on this account, the blog, and the Otherside discord server:,” Yuga Labs wrote.

The Bored Ape Gazette will be covering all things second trip going into tomorrow's event and will bring you coverage from the Otherside as soon as the metaverse opens. Stay tuned for updates!

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