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SUMMER FORGING: Here's What's New In Forge Season 2!

It’s summertime around the swamp and the HV-MTL Forge is heating up for a “Wet Hot Forge Summer” theme during the games second season!

Season 2 of Forge kicked off on ealrier this month on July 20th with new decorative objects and tiles to celebrate the summer season! New items and decorations weren’t the only changes that Yuga Labs made to the Forge for season 2. They also updated the ranking system for amp rewards and the amps' art!

With a whole lot of new content poppping up around the swamp, lets ape into the hot and HV details about this Wet Hot Forge Summer:

HV On The Beach Vibes!

Celebrate a hot and wet Summer in Forge with new tile designs and decorative objects. The season 2 update will allow players to unlock new tile blueprints like a water tile along with new decorative objects that include surf boards, sharks, floaties and a sand ape.

BAYC, MAYC, And BAKC Exclusives

BAYC,MAYC, and BAKC exclusive items were also revealed. Ape holders can unlock a BAYC lounging table and booth, mutants get a MAYC branded barrel of mutant goo, and BAKC holders receive a house and feeding bowl for their doggos.

New Season New Amps

Season 2 also introduced a new type of amp that is red in color with a triangular shape while Season 1 amps were green in color, and themed “Beam.” There is no theme name for season 2, but most likely will be revealed after the season. If this trend continues each upcoming season’s amp will have its own theme, color and shape variation. There is speculation that each amp type will evolve different traits of the HV as there are six trait types and six amp types. The six traits are back attachment, body, crest, faceplate, head, and weapons system.

Same Game But New Amp Rank Adjustment

Legendary rank remained the same while all the other rarities increased to allow more players to obtain epic, rare, and uncommon amps. 133 more players will be able to obtain epic amps with 1200 more for epic, and 4800 more for rare amps.

FUN FACT: There Are More Wallets, More Players, And More Competition This Season!

According to the Other-wiki website there has been an increase in HV holders and Forge participants from season 1. Previous players are already seeing a rise in difficulty in getting daily legendary and epic ranks as new players come in the form of builders and voters.

In conclusion, HV-MTL Holders are in for a wet hot forge summer that is expected to continue until August 10th! The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the Forge and will keep you up to date on all things HV-MTL! Stay tuned for updates!

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