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SURPRISE REVEALED: How To Claim Your Four-Legged Friend At The Bored Ape Kennel Club

The Bored Ape Yacht Club announced its big surprise Friday and its a four legged Friend.

“It can get lonely in the swamp sometimes,” The BAYC tweeted. “That’s why every ape should have a four-legged companion. And why we’re offering up a dog for adoption to every single member of the BAYC – for free.”

In order to get your dog, simply follow the link either on your desktop or copy and paste the link into your metamask on your mobile device.

From there, follow the prompt and select which of your apes you’d like to mint your dogs for. Bored apes can claim one dog for every ape they own.

The dogs are free, all apes pay is the gas.

“The Bored Ape Kennel Club is made up of 10k Club Dog NFTs. They’re not for sale but free to claim (you just pay gas). Any royalties we accrue on secondary sales will be donated to charity,” the BAYC tweeted. “Let’s rescue some dogs, apes.”

Apes will have until June 25th adopt their dog. Any pups that are not adopted by the. will be “released into the swamp never to be seen again,” according to the Kennel Club website.

After the mint closes on the 25th, your four legged friend will be revealed.

Be sure to go adopt your pups. In the meantime, Check out some photos of pups you could possibly mint:

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