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Take A Look At The ApeUniverse X Bored Chili Chinese New Year Event

2023 is off to a Bored start as many China based Bored Ape Yacht Club members met in person for the first time at a Chinese New Year event!

ApeUniverse, “a community of mandarin-speaking apes chilling all over this planet,” and Bored Chili, “ A community born out of #BAYC bridging east and west, founders and investors, love and happiness,” held their first in person event in Shanghai China over the weekend to ring in the New Year!

"The Bored Chili x ApeUniverse event in Shanghai provides a long overdue opportunity for ape holders in mainland China to finally meet offline in person,” ApeUniverse told the Gazette. “Many have well known each other virtually since the BAYC clubhouse days. We are looking forward to more such gatherings taking place in other cities as the country opens up."

The Bored Chili x ApeUniverse event featured a “wall of Apes,” some bored coffee, and a physical/digital meet up area!

Overall, these china based BAYC members had a great time meeting their fellow Degens!

“We got to chat with a lot of new members who we didn’t get a chance to speak in the group before,” BAYC member Harry Liu @ Forj told the Gazette. “Maybe because of the mini NFT bull run, we’ve got more people attend. Vera shared past events photos and shared the event agenda. @pinkapepayne is the champ who have been coordinating the event. Overall lots of fun, we got new members join TG, we chat group and exchange contacts.”

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Bored Chili and ApeUniverse and will let you know when the two groups host their next events! Stay tuned for updates!

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