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ThankApe Is Hosting An ApeCoin Art Contest. Check Out Some Of The Submissions:

Artists from across the Yugaverse aped into Thank Ape’s first visual art contest and made some works that are anything but boring!

For the past two week’s Thank Ape, an ApeCoin DAO sponsored project that aims to reward active contributors in the ApeCoin ecosystem, held a visual art contest with over 5,000 $Ape worth of prizes up for grabs!

“Joining ApeCoin DAO often may seem intimidating or overwhelming to people, especially if they’re not experienced with governance, the Forums, or voting mechanisms- so we wanted to introduce a fun & engaging way for artists & creatives to get started learning about the DAO & becoming contributors,” ThankApe told the Gazette. “With the theme “Ape In: The Future of ApeCoin”, we challenge people to create visual art that explores the possibilities for our DAO & sparks excitement.”

Take a look at some of the amazing $Ape art submissions below:

ApeCoin DAO contributors and the web3 space at large can check out all of the ThankApe ar tsubmissions via Twitter by looking up the Hashtag: #ApeCoinArt

Currently, ThankApe is evaluating all the art submissions and will be rewarding up to 50 semi-finalists 42 $Ape each, 15 Prefinalists 84 $Ape each, five finalists 420 $Ape each, and one big winner 1,069 $Ape along with a big reveal.

ThankApe will announce the winners next week on June 27th during a Twitter Space. The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow this contest and will let you know who wins! Stay tuned for updates.

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