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THANKSGIVING MINT: This Mutant Ape Is Letting Novel Labs Holders Mint A Free Copy Of His New Album!

Get ready to gobble up a free mint this Thanksgiving!

Mutant Cartel member Red Hat is in a giving mood today as he debuts his album 'The Book of Oath,' making it a free mint for the Novel Labs community

beginning at 3 A.M. EST today, Novel Labs NFT holders will be able to mint a copy of Red Hat’s ‘The Book of Oath’ album for free!

“Red Hat The MC presents: The Book of Oath’s is a music album NFT free to claim for all Novel Labs asset holders,” Red hat told the Gazette. “It tells the story of the Mutant Cartel from its inception up to this point. It includes features from community members like DOSA and Wrekonize and other surprise guests like Snoop Dogg. This sonic experience is made by the community for the community.”

Listen to a track from Red Hat’s new album below:

Novel Labs NFT holders can mint their copy of Red Hat’s 'The Book of Oaths' album anytime between Thanksgiving and December 31st here:

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Red Hat’s musical career and will let you know what he does next!

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