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The Alts By Adidas Trait Vending Machine Opens Tomorrow. Here's What You Need too Know:

Adidas’ journey into the metaverse continues tomorrow as the trait vending machine at the Rift Valley Motel turns on and ALTs by Adidas holders can start customizing their future web3 identities!

On Tuesday July 4th, ALTs by Adidas holders will take their Rift Valley Motel Coins over to the project’s trait vending machine to select which facial features, from a pool of 90 traits, they’d like their future characters to have!

In preparation for the trait vending machine’s grand opening tomorrow, the ALTs by Adidas projectl hosted a Twitter Space with Adidas’ Global Head of Product, Big_Fish, and got a ton of ALTs Alpha!

During conversation, Big_Fish told listeners that they will be able to use up to 10 coins at the Alts Vending machine and that that they will have until July 25th to customize their characters. Further, Big_Fish hinted that ALTS by Adidas holders may want to keep a coin or two in reserve because the company will be reloading the vending machine with some exclusive traits at a later date.

Along with giving listeners a better idea of what to expect while using the vending machine tomorrow, Big_Fish also explained that ALTs by Adidas holders' PFPs will not be revealed until after the projects third season, but users will be able to see their traits beforehand.

At this time, we still do not know what the ALTS by Adidas PFPs will look like, but Big_Fish did say that they will be unisex and “humanlite.” Further, Big_Fish emphasized that the ALTs will be dynamic and composable. Also, Big_Fish announced that holders will receive a 2D version of their ALT to use as their Twitter PFP and a 3D version that holders can use in digital environments.

Big_Fish ended today’s space by reiterating that Adidas plans to reward active holders and that the company has big plans for the project going forward.

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported Adidas began its Web3 journey in November 2021 when the company collaborated with the BAYC, Punks Comic, and G-Money.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the grand opening of the Rift Valley Motel’s trait vending machine tomorrow and will keep you posted on all things ALTs by Adidas. Stay tuned for updates!

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