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The ApeCoin DAO Approved Of An AIP To Fund The Public Good. The Full Story Here:

After a week-long vote, the Apecoin DAO voted in favor of an Ape Improvement Proposal to fund the public good!

The ApeCoin DAO almost unanimously approved of AIP-96 titled “Funding For Public Goods (ETHGlobal & Gitcoin)” written by Special Council Member Maaria Bajwa.

“I’m so excited and humbled by the community support, not just for my AIP but for the other 2 as well," Bajwa told the Bored Ape Gazette after her proposal passed. “ Next, we’ll work with both the Ethglobal and Gitcoin teams to structure and implement the programs. Goal is to launch both before year-end. Quite a few folks from the community have already reached out wanting to get involved with the initiatives, so I’ve created working Twitter groups where we can coordinate. Anyone who wants to join can DM me and I’ll add them to the groups. The more visibility we get these programs the better, not just for the APE ecosystem but for the entire community. APE supporting public goods is awesome.”

As a result of AIP-96 passing, the ApeCoin Dao will allocate a total of $200,000 USD worth of $Ape to the following four public goods:

1.$45k to participate in the ETHOnline hackathon ($35k sponsorship fee + $10k in prizes)

2.$100k for funding a dedicated Gitcoin ApeCoin ecosystem program

3.$50k for funding Gitcoin’s Climate, DEI, and Advocacy program

4.$5k to donate to another community at ETHOnline. We can match funding, sponsor a prize pool, or donate it to cover expenses for low-income community members.

“By participating in ETHGlobal hackathons and creating a Gitcoin ecosystem fund, ApeCoin is participating in the collective efforts that will continue to push the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem forward, Bajwa explained in her proposal. “There are many L1s and DeFi protocols that already participate, but participation from the NFT community is still relatively nascent. Grant funding will encourage developers to build new applications for the NFT community, which should be a major objective of ApeCoin DAO.”

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Bajwa and the implementation of AIP-96. Stay tuned for updates!

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