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The ApeCoin DAO Is Set To Release A Document On Its Future Governance Later This Month

After the ApeCoin community voted to extend the Special Council’s term in September, the ApeCoin DAO is set to give a community an update on the future of the DAO’s governance later this month.

The ApeCoin DAO’s Brandon Caruana held an office hours meeting on Wednesday night. During that time, Caruana told the those in attendance that the DAO will be releasing its initial ideas regarding the future of the DAO’s governance around October 15th.

“We are on track to post our thoughts of what a nomination process looks like and what an election thereafter (would be),” Caruana said.

Caruana went on to explain that this governance document will cover everything from how to get nominated, how to nominate others, nominee vetting, and how the election process will work.

Caruana then said that this governance document is a starting point for a conversation and not the end all be all.

“We have no intention of just ramming this thing forward. We’ve taken a lot of what the community has written, we read it and we understand their perspective,” Caruana said. “We will deliver it to everybody and then everyone can opine on it.”

The topic of DAO governance has been discussed at length since early September when the community was informed that the Special Council’s term was set to end on September 30th.

Since that time, the community approved Ape Improvement proposal- 113 titled “Extending AIP-1 - the DAO Process.”

As a result of AIP-113 passing, the Special Council’s term was extended, and DAO had additional time to build an election process.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the DAO’s governance going forward and will bring you a full recap of the DAO’s governance update when it is released later this month.

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