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The ApeCoin DAO Is Working To Create A Mission Statement. Read The 8 Proposed Ideas Here:

The ApeCoin DAO is getting closer to getting closer to finding a mission statement that can lead the community into the metaverse and beyond!

On Tuesday, $Ape holders got together on Spaces to discuss the eight proposed mission statements and to find out why each of them is right for the DAO.

During today's space, each author came up and briefly spoke about their proposed mission statement and why they think the DAO should support it.

Take a look at the eight proposed mission statements below:

1. "To propel the widespread adoption of ApeCoin by empowering the community through creative exploration in the Metaverse and IRL through transparent funding, innovative initiatives and inclusivity to create an equitable, sustainable decentralized organization that withstands the test of time,” By Swickie

2. "ApeCoin will be the token that powers the future of web3. We support community-led initiatives in art, gaming, entertainment, and events that advance and innovate technologies and experiences,” By BadTeeth

3. “Apecoin DAO is a place to foster community ideas and expanding the culture of $ape. A haven for builders, artist and all every holders who share the vision of $ape as the currency of metaverse which we all are building together," By Evil

4. "At ApeCoin DAO, our mission is to revolutionize the digital landscape by harnessing the strength of our globally united community. We are a decentralized autonomous organization, committed to empowering the APE ecosystem and fostering innovation within the metaverse and gaming economies," By AllCityBAYC

5. “ApeCoin’s mission is to become the coin of metaverse culture and blockchain gaming,” By Anonymous Holder

6.”To expand ApeCoin utility and bring web3 culture to life by connecting and empowering creators and communities, one grant at a time,” By SSP

7. “ApeCoin DAO exists to distribute $APE – empowering our community to build and participate in the future of the greater metaverse, today,” By Working Group Zero.

8. “To connect and empower creators and communities who bring web3 culture to life in both the real world and the metaverse, By NFTSahsa.

As the Bored Gazette previously reported, the community voted in favor of AIP-256 titled ‘ApeCoin DAO Mission Statement’ on June 7tth. This AIP established the framework and process for the community to create and vote on an ApeCoin DAO mission statement.

The ApeCoin community will be voting for its preferred mission statement in the next few weeks, according to BadTeeth.

"Stakeholder alignment is the engine you need to drive progress in a decentralized environment," BadTeeth previously told the Gazette. "A community created and voted on mission statement is the first step in creating the alignment we need to start making real progress at ApeCoin DAO."

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the DAO’s journey towards adopting a mission statement. Stay tuned for updates!

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