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The ApeCoin DAO's MarComms Stewards Shared Their Thoughts After Their First Week In Office

Eight days after ApeCoin DAO Marketing and Communication Stewards Popil and Linstro began their terms on this newly created committee, the two recently elected $Apes took to Twitter to provide the community with a report on their first week on the job and to give holders an idea of what's to come!


2024 is looking ape-ish for the ApeCoin ecosystem as the DAO’s first ever Marketing and Communication Working Group Stewards explained how their first days in office have been.


“After the initial weeks of diving in, I've become even more bullish on what the ecosystem can accomplish,” Linstro tweeted. “The team is filled with many talented and hard working people. I'm learning & listening, while leveraging my personal experience to chart the course. Oftentimes, the most difficult hurdle seems to be "consensus", but there are ways to keep things on track. The best projects are one’s in which Brand + Pursuit are united.”


Popil echoed Linstro’s enthusiasm after a week on the job and said that they will be busy brainstorming with the rest of the $Ape government this week!



As the MarComms team gets ready to brainstorm, Linstro explained that the DAO needs to have a broad idea for its marketing and communication efforts while also allowing room for growth and change.


“In sync and united across working groups, we ride in weekly/ monthly/ quarterly cadence,” he explained. “Allow for adaptation, evolution, and room for growth - while having a clear vision for what our tent poles should be. Marcomms is a working group that is intertwined with all the others and a multitude of aspects. Additionally, we must embark on a massive coordination with all entities in our ecosystem to be effective, efficient, and optimize efforts. Many more groups and individuals to speak to, we are getting there. This is being done step-by-step: timeline, coordination, strategy, planning, execution.”



The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the DAO’s MarComms group and will keep you posted on their efforts this year. Stay tuned for updates!

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