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The ApeCoin DAO Selected 5 Special Council Candidates To Move Onto The Next Round Of $Ape Voting

After 27 ApeCoin DAO Contributors aped into the Special Council race last month, $Apes made their voices heard last night selecting Hazel, Airvey, BoredApeG, JasonJape, and Buuvei to advance to the next round of $Ape voting.


After weeks of Twitter spaces, interviews, and politicking, 475 members and subcommunities in the ApeCoin DAO cast over 47,512,000 $Ape for their preferred Special Council candidates, selecting Hazel, Airvey, BoredApeG, JasonJape, and Buuvei to move on to the next round.



Following last night’s vote, the community will head back to the polls beginning tonight at 9 P.M. EST to cast their coins for their preferred candidates again. Note, unlike in the first round of voting, ApeCoin DAO contributors will only be able to cast their coins for one candidate!


After that, the top three vote-getting Special Council nominees will become the DAO’s Special Council Elect and officially take office on January 1st, 2024.


Take a closer look at the five remaining Special Council candidates and read their closing statements on why they are the right $Ape for the job!


Hazel @FansMush


“I firmly believe that ApeCoin DAO and Ape represent the future of Web3. At this crucial stage, ApeCoin DAO must intricately integrate the entire ecosystem, consistently attract new contributors and builders, and establish a resilient ecological cycle for limitless potential.

I possess the knowledge and skills to effectively execute and elevate the sense of belonging and participation among community members. Leveraging my extensive experience in community management, I will spearhead the establishment of the ApeCoin community. This involves organizing community-building activities, creating platforms for information exchange both online and offline, and actively encouraging members to participate in AIP initiatives. I will forge close connections between the ecosystems of the Bored Ape Yacht Club community and the ApeCoin community, fostering communication and interaction among global holders. As a founder of the Ape community, I am the most suitable individual to implement this optimization plan. For ApeCoin to transition into a new phase, it must attract a substantial number of new members and foster collaborative construction. Presently, ApeCoin culture lacks widespread dissemination, primarily reaching Ape holders and those familiar with Ape culture. Utilizing my experience in expanding Ape culture to Web2 and fostering collaborations with renowned brands and artists, I am the ideal candidate to broaden and propagate ApeCoin culture. If elected, I commit to dedicating 12 hours a day to DAO construction, ensuring sincere responses to every community member and contributor. My goal is to facilitate enhanced development within DAO and externally expand the philosophy and culture of DAO/ Community, encouraging more individuals to become advocates and contributors to DAO. Internally, I will serve as a community connector, strengthening connections and communication among members worldwide. Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter ( 40) if you have any questions.”


Aivey @ @hervelarren_


“I have collaborated with many of the key players in this ecosystem over the past few years. If fortunate enough to be elected, I am confident in bringing immediate value to the DAO without having to go through a long onboarding process.”


BoredApeG @BoredApeG


“I campaigned last year that I could bring my professional experience and skills to be counted upon to operationalize the APE Foundation and ApeCoin DAO. Due to my ability to work collaboratively with all parties involved I humbly offer a proven track record of fulfilling this role, commitment to my word, and ability to get things completed. We have achieved significant success together, but the job is not done. Your support for me is not a shot in the dark. I have demonstrated that I can be trusted to continue building on our momentum as we look forward to navigating the next chapter for ApeCoin DAO. I can continue to optimize the value provided by the current council and new members by letting them focus on their strengths, while I do the work in the trenches to support the infrastructure required to bring to life the community’s vision. I look forward to connecting and to responding to inquiries here on discourse; my DMs are also open (discourse or Twitter: @BoredApeG). Thank you again for your consideration. Gerard Hernandez, CPA Bored Ape G"


JasonJape @JasonJape


“I am not sure if I am the best, but would love to contribute my ability and experience to ApeDAO.”


Buuvei @i3uuve1


“I do what I say I will do. You have met me in real life and online, I am the same passionate person. Together we will be strong. I value each one you, and your voices deserve to be heard. Just like the courage I had to go on stage at APEFEST in front of thousands, I will have the courage to speak up for each one of you.”


The Bored Ape Gazette is working to interview all five Special Council candidates and will bring you election 2023 updates throughout the week. Stay tuned for updates!

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