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The ApeCoin DAO Selected the Horizen Labs and Arbitrum Team To Build Its ApeChain!

The ApeCoin DAO selected the Horizen Labs and Arbitrum team to build its ApeChain last night following months of discussion, a Request for Proposal Process, tons of talk on the timeline, and the highest voter turnout in DAO history!

Twenty-two months after Yuga Labs apologized for 'turning off the lights on Ethereum' and recommended that $Ape migrate to its own chain, ApeCoin DAO contributors cast 49.6 million $Ape, selecting the Horizen Labs and Arbitrum team to build an ApeChain for the $Ape ecosystem.

“Arbitrum (handshake emoji) ApeChain,” Arbitrum tweeted last night. “We’re thrilled to welcome such a passionate and highly engaged community @apecoin to the Arbitrum ecosystem. @HorizenLabs will lead growth efforts with an initial focus on onboarding and nurturing the Ape gaming ecosystem. The Ape community is a driving force within Ethereum and we are thrilled that Arbitrum technology will be instrumental in this important next chapter.”

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, the Horizen Labs and Arbitrum team’s ApeChain will see $Ape be used as its native gas token, will generate revenue for the DAO via a transaction fee, will have low gas fees, have customizable code that the community can change, and will let $Ape holders govern ApeChain, according to their proposal.


Following the ApeCoin DAO’s vote last night, Yuga Labs, who has said for years that Otherside and its other games will be powered by $Ape, took to Twitter and approved of the DAO’s decision to have the Horizen Labs and Arbitrum team build ApeChain for the $Ape ecosystem.


“Congratulations to @horizenlabs, @arbitrum, and @OffchainLabs for winning the community's vote on AIP-378," the company tweeted. "Yuga Labs, like many other developers in the $APE ecosystem, is excited about what it can build on ApeChain.”


Going forward, ApeCoin DAO contributors and $Ape builders can expect to see the Horizen Labs and Arbitrum team’s ApeChain implemented in the next 3-6 months, based on their previous answers to the DAO.

“This has been an amazing process that involved world-class teams all around,” Horizen Labs’ VP of Ecosystem Growth Blockchainzilla told the Gazette. “We said at the beginning of this process that the time for ApeChain is now and it really is. In terms of next steps, the OffChain Labs, Arbitrum and Horizen Labs teams will be working hard on recommendations and any additional questions that will need to be brought before the community. Most of all we're looking forward to collaborating and bringing everybody together to push ApeChain forward.”


The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow all things ApeChain. Stay tuned for updates!

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