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The ApeCoin DAO Suggests Rolling Board Elections Going Forward

After the Ape Foundation alerted the community that the Special Council’s term is set to end this month, the ApeCoin DAO tweeted a five-part Tweet thread on DAO Board voting and a proposed election process.

“We've listened to you the community, including @yugalabs,” the ApeCoin DAO tweeted this afternoon. “Continuity and stability are of the utmost importance when building something new from the ground up. With that in mind, it is our recommendation that the election process becomes a rolling election where every quarter - or any other set timeframe - a council member's seat is up for an election. This creates a stable environment to responsibly bring in new members and ensure that the DAO has consistency to operate and efficiently transfer knowledge while also introducing fresh ideas from the community.”

The ApeCoin DAO goes on to say that if the community passes an extension for AIP-1, then the DAO will be able to make this proposed staggered election process a reality.

“The intention of extending AIP-1 is to ensure we put forth a clear framework and process for the community to nominate, vet, and elect new council members in a transparent and fair election cycle,” ApeCoin tweeted. “It's encouraging to see the community's involvement on this matter and are excited to create a new framework that truly innovates how the DAO operates - helping to reach the full potential of the opportunity we have in front of us.”

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, AIP-1 is an Ape Improvement Proposal that was written by ApeCoin DAO contributor BTang.

“An extension will provide continuity and stability: the Foundation doesn’t just execute what the community wants - it enables us to ensure we are compliant with the necessary legal, regulatory, and compliance laws and guidance so we can operate effectively,” the Foundation wrote in its proposal. “Second, the extension will allow the community to better understand, contribute to, and ultimately engage with whatever election process emerges.”

The Ape Foundation will be holding an Office Hours meeting tomorrow morning with Board Member Maaria Bajwa and the Cartan Groups' Brandon Caruana where they will “answer the communities questions and further talk through the thinking behind the AIP.”

The Bored Ape Gazette will be in attendance during this week's office hours and will bring you a full recap report after it ends. This is a developing story. Stay tuned for details.

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