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The BAYC Said That Apes Will Be Able To Claim their Sewer Passes Later Tonight. The Full Story Here:

The early Bored Ape Yacht Club vibes were off the charts on Tuesday as the entire Yugaverse waited by their laptops and phones for the latest BAYC tweet.

After many Apes waited online all day and speculated about tonight claim, the BAYC took to Twitter Tuesday evening and announced that the window for Apes to get their Sewer Passes would be open by “end of day PST.” Further, the club said that it would be slightly delaying the Doo-Key Dash based on community feedback.

“Heads up Apes, we're on track to launch the Sewer Pass claim around end of day PST,” the BAYC tweeted, “We’ve also heard your feedback on the time to claim a pass, so the Sewers will now open Thursday, 1/19 to ensure Apes worldwide will have at least 24 hours to claim their passes. We will tweet a 1-hour heads up before Dookey Dash goes live, to make sure everyone has their scuba gear ready to go. Dookey Dash and Sewer Pass claims will still close on 2/8 as planned. Questions about how claim works? Reach out to our official Discord.”

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, their will be four different Sewer Passes that BAYC members will be able to claim based on what NFTs they hold.

Tier one is a Mutant Ape. Tier 2 is a Mutant Ape and a BAKC Dog. Tier 3 is a Bored Ape. Tier 4 is a Bored Ape and a BAKC Dog.

Following the BAYC’s post, members took to the club’s comment section, ape with excitement, and began sharing images of their primates' holding their Sewer passes curiosity of BoredOhms.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the Sewer Pass claim and will keep you posted on all things Trial of Jimmy the Monkey and DOO-KEY Dash! Stay tuned for updates!

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