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The BAYCKada Held A Meet Up In The Philippines Last Week.Check It Out Here:

Last week was anything but boring in the Philippines as these Bored Ape Yacht club members got together for a meet up!

On January 25th the BAYCKada, a community of Pinoy Bored Apes & Mutant Apes, and Collectiverse held an in person get together at the PowerPlant Mall in the Philippines that featured good vibes and Bored& Hungry catering!

“I am very happy to see the ape community in the Philippines grow rapidly,” BAYCKada Founder JBondwagon told the Gazette. “Through Anotoys Collectiverse, we’re able to extend access to the BAYCkada community to phygital shirt holders. I am glad that we’re able to connect and interact and eat Bored & Hungry burgers with our growing community. Excited to connect some more in the future! Apes together strong.”

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, the BAYCKada launched their first line of “phygital merchandise” via Anotoys collectiverse in December 2022. The BAYCKada X Anotoys Collectiverse Phygital merch is still available online and at their pop-up store in the Philippines!

You can check out the group’s merch here:

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the BAYCKada and will let you know when they hold another event. Check out some photos from last week's meet up below:

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