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The Deadline To Burn Your Elite Ape Tokens For The Latest Punks Comic Closes Tomorrow At 5 P.M. EST

The window for Elite Ape Entry coin holders to burn their tokens for Pixel Vault’s latest comic closes tomorrow night at 5 p.m. EST.

Bored Ape Yacht Club members, Mutant ape Yacht Club members and Pixel Vault NFT holders were all given Elite Ape Entry Coins earlier this year.

These tokens can now be burned and exchanged for the latest issue of Punks Comic: “Apes Out on the Town.” Users will be able to burn as many coins as they hold for the latest comic, according to Punks Comic.

“In their constant pursuit of relieving boredom, a small crew of apes travel to Origin City for a night out on the town,” Pixel vault wrote on its website. “Readers of PUNKS #2 will recognize the familiar faces of Hanzo, Lone Star, Kiki, Biz, Tropo, Gold-Rilla, King Blackbored, and BBA as they all try to help a blacked-out Biz retrace his steps from the previous night’s adventures.”

For more information on how to exchange your Elite Ape Entry Coins for the comic, head on over to Pixel Vault’s website here:

Along with giving further utility to the Elite Ape tokens, Pixel Vault and Punks Comic is also giving any BAYC member who auditioned their ape for Ape Madness last summer the chance to claim a free NFT.

“To celebrate a milestone in collaborative storytelling across NFT communities, all original Ape Madness tournament entrants may now mint a commemorative NFT illustrated by Chris Wahl," Punks Comic wrote on its website.

The window to claim the Ape Madness Participant NFT also closes tomorrow.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Punks Comic and will bring you more information about their latest comic “Apes Out on the Town" later this week!

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