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The First Of Two Otherside Test Loads Is Tomorrow. Here's How To Participate:

The first test load for Yuga Labs' highly anticipated metaverse is tomorrow afternoon at 12 p.m. EST.

As the many Bored Ape Yacht Club members celebrated the Fourth of July Holiday yesterday, OthersideMeta took to Twitter an announced that they will be running the first of two scheduled Otherside load tests on Wednesday July 6th.

“Hey Voyagers, come break some of the stuff @Improbableio’s been working on,” OthersideMeta tweeted yesterday. “There will be 2 load tests before the First Trip tech demo: one on 7/6 @ 12pm ET, and the other on 7/9. Join if you can and help steer the Otherside platform in the right direction.”

OthersideMeta went on to explain that the purpose of these load tests is to challenge the Otherside’s tech and try to crash the site. “The purpose of these load tests is to push the Otherside platform to its limits with the Improbable team,” they explained. “This will help inform exactly where the breaking points might be before the First Trip on 7/16, in order to create the best experience possible for the tech demo.”

The two load tests and the first trip to the Otherside will be tokengated events that are only accessible by users in the USA or Europe who are using a desktop or laptop device.

This means that in order to participate in this week’s load tests and the First Trip, participants will need to be located in the US or Europe and have a laptop or desktop computer that has a wallet with at least one Otherdeed in it, according to OthersideMeta.

For those who are located outside the US and Europe, Yuga Labs is setting up a First Trip livestream and will make sure that users outside the US and Europe are eligible for any benefits associated with the first trip.

“A private livestream of the tech demo will be available for those in non-supported regions, to ensure all Voyagers can experience the First Trip,” they tweeted. “Attendees verified through the livestream will be eligible for any benefits tied to the First Trip. For future milestones of the Voyager’s Journey, M² is expanding regional streaming options and apps so Voyagers in other countries and platforms are supported equally.”

If you’re interested in participating in tomorrow’s load test, check out OthersideMeta’s Twitter page just before 12 p.m. EST for the official link.

The Bored Ape Gazette will be participating in tomorrow’s load test and will let continue to keep you updated on all things Otherside!

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