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The JRNY Gallery In Las Vegas Is Hosting An ApeCoin Takeover Event This Wednesday After The DAO Approved Its AIP!

The journey to onboarding the masses continues for the JRNY Gallery in Las Vegas after ApeCoin voted in favor of the project’s Ape Improvement Proposal earlier this week, making it an in-real-life NFT destination that's powered by $Ape.

On Wednesday, the ApeCoin DAO voted in favor of AIP 411, titled ‘ArtJourney with ApeCoin: The JRNY Gallery Experience,’ written by ApeCoin DAO Contributor and Otherside mogul, JRNY, along with his JRNYClub team

“As a big holder of $APE, it feels great to have the gallery powered by ApeCoin, as I get to push adoption and education of the space at an accelerated rate and support ApeCoin at the same time,” JRNY told the Gazette after the vote.


With the approval of AIP-411, the ApeCoin DAO will now allocate 400,000 $Ape to The JRNY Gallery.


With the funds, JRNY and his team will prominently display that the gallery is powered by ApeCoin, give guests promotional materials about $Ape, feature 'Powered by ApeCoin' in all their marketing efforts, create $Ape educational videos, accept $Ape as a form of payment, promote the coin, and host monthly $Ape community events!

“We will be doing a JRNY Gallery takeover for ApeCoin holders this upcoming Wednesday during our normal monthly JRNY Meet events and will start ApeCoin focused events in the next 1-2 months,” JRNY said. “We already have a monitor up for ApeCoin as well.”

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the JRNY Gallery’s journey, powered by $Ape, as they educate the masses about Web3, NFTs, and $Ape. Stay tuned for updates!

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