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  • Writer's pictureKyle

The Meebits Collection Turned Three Years Old Today! Take A Look At How The Voxel Community Celebrated:

From Meetropolis to the timeline, the voxel community was vibing today as the Meebits collection celebrated its third birthday!

The Web3 world got its first look at the 20,000 Meebits three years ago today and the voxel community has been stretching its legs and celebrating ever since!

“Happy birthday @MeebitsNFTs,” DappPunk tweeted this afternoon. “I remember the excitement of seeing @larvalabs @matthall2000 announcement and later claiming my guy, which I still hold. Three years is nothing! Lets see where we are in ten.”


As the day went on, the timeline was filled with Meebs sharing their voxel art and wishing the collection a happy birthday!



As the Meebs shared their art, Yuga Labs shared a new teaser trailer for its highly anticipated ‘Project Dragon’ Otherside game series that will be taking place in Meetropolis later this summer.

“Happy 3rd Anniversary, Meebs. Project Dragon kicks off in July...can you survive Meetropolis?”


The Bored Ape Gazette wishes the Meebits a very happy birthday and looks forward to reporting on the collection for years to come!

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