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The Meebits Released A 22 Song Album This Week& A New Free Claim For The Voxel Community

Updated: Dec 24, 2022

As 2022 comes to an end, the Meebits community is beginning to turn on!

Earlier this week, Yuga Labs announced a new 22 song “Meebits Turn On” album for the voxel community.

“Meebits are much more than profile picture (PFP) NFTs,” Meebits Brand Lead Danny Greene wrote in a blog post. “As 3D characters, we see them as an extension and representation of ourselves in the metaverse. Music is core to the human experience and therefore core to the Meebit experience. We dance, so Meebits dance. And when we dance it’s not just our physical body that moves, but our emotions, our thoughts, and our soulfulness. We lean into music to give Meebits life and to connect all Meebit holders across the barriers of geography and language.”

Because music is so important to the human experience, Yuga Labs made these 22 songs free for anyone to use as they see fit.

“You are free to use these songs in any creative project,” the Meebits project tweeted on December 21st. “If you do, please tag @MeebitsNFTs and @warpsound_ai on social media; we’d love to see them. Learn more and download the tracks from the @yugalabs official blog.”

Along with the new 22 song album, Yuga Labs also announced a free claim for Meebit holders.

“Meebs, claim your @warpsound_ai MUSIC DROPS digital collectible of the “Meebits Turn On” album,” the Meebits tweeted. “This ERC-1155 NFT will render as a “playable album” on @OpenSea and other HTML-based NFT platforms.”

Meebit holders have until December 31st, 2022 at 11:59 P.M. PST to claim their NFT. You Can claim your's here:

The Meebits Turn on Album and free claim is part of the new Meebits MB1 roadmap that was announced earlier this year.

“MB1 represents a beginning; the first chapter of this story Greene wrote in blog post on November 3rd. “As the Meebits go adventuring, this evolving site will be your access to every experience along the way. There will be nine releases to MB1, and this new site will be a launchpad for each new experience, activation, or opportunity. For now, come play with one of your Meebits (or one of ours) and make them dance, float, or just “Meeb out” to some AI music powered by wrapsound’s digital boombox. Feels good to stretch those arms… and especially those legs.”

Prior to this week’s Turn on Album Meebit holders were able to claim a custom print of their voxel character.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the Meebits project and will keep you posted on the project’s MB1 roadmap!

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