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The Taiwan Based BAYC Community Got Together For Some Fishing and Fun Yesterday. The Full Story:

Things were anything but boring in Taiwan yesterday as the Bored Ape Yacht club community got together for some fishing, seafood and Web3!

On Sunday, Ape101, the Taiwan-based BAYC community, got together for a day of fishing and fun during an all-day event sponsored by Cool Wallet and Binance.

"What an successful ape event it was on Sunday,” Ape 101 Taiwan tweeted along with several photos from the event. “We gathered together, had fun together, and built together ! We love the big ape family in Taiwan ! See you next time ”

Yesterday’s event kicked off with some fishing, as 30 community members chartered a boat and fished north of Keelung.

“My catch is the 1st one which is suitable for sashimi while didn't get hold of it as it was too energetic,” BAYC member DAC4 told the Gazette following the fishing trip. “Jumped back to the sea after got it off from hook to take a photo. But everyone was happy, as in Chinese culture, it means I did a good deed.”

While DAC4’s fish hopped off the hook, the Ape101 community had a great time fishing together!

After a few hours at sea, the Ape 101 community came together for an outdoor dinner party in Taipei that was sponsored by Cool Wallet and Binance.

During the event, BAYC members got the chance to eat some fish and talk to their fellow Web3 enthusiasts!

“Harmonious and fun, meeting old friends and new friends,” DAC4 told the Gazette. “Great circle and culture. A number of local university students are amazing. 19-year-old MAYC holder. Student who doesn't have money to buy ape yet but are enthusiastic to learn and talk to all of them. There was a 70-year-old father who was there with us all day as he wanted to support his son who loves NFTs.”

Along with the great conversations, Binance and Cool Wallet got the chance to speak to the Ape 101 community about crypto and Web3; and they even gave out some boring prizes such as a Binance themed skateboard and some BAYC themed Cool Wallets!

“I believe this collaboration between CoolWallet and the Ape community embodies our commitment to facilitate and secure the digital asset journey for all crypto enthusiasts,” Cool Wallets’ Founder Michael Ou told the Gazette. “We look forward to continuing these efforts and growing alongside this vibrant community.”

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Ape 101 and will let you know when they host their next event! Stay tuned for updates!

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