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The Web3 Space Is Ape-ing Into Bored Ape Yacht Club Member NFTBark& Scott Kominers New Book!

While the crypto market continues to dip, thanks to Grayscale dumping Bitcoin, Bored Ape Yacht Club members and the broader Web3 ecosystem are zooming out and heading to their local bookstores and Amazon to purchase their copies of 'NFTBark' and Scott Kominers' new book, 'The Everything Token,' and remind themselves of the transformative tech behind their Jpegs!

After two years of research and analysis of the Web3 space, BAYC member NFTBark and Harvard Business School Professor and a16z Crypto Research Partner Scott Kominers' Made By Apes book, 'The Everything Token: How NFTs and Web3 Will Transform the Way We Buy, Sell, and Create’ hit store shelves across the United States and the community showed up to support them!

"Just came in the mail today," BAYC member Apewood tweeted. "Shoutout to my guys @NFTbark and @skominers. Two of the realest in the space, excited to read through this. If you’re not supporting the real folks in this space, then what are you doing?"

As Apes, Punks, Pudgy Penguins, and more got their copies of 'The Everything Token' today, NFTBark went over to his local Barnes & Noble to see his work on display!

“I stopped by my local Barnes and Noble to prove this wasn’t all a wonderful dream,” he tweeted this morning. “I wanted to see our book in the wild. A store employee asked what drew me to the book. When I told her I was the author, she got very excited asked me to sign it. Surreal.”


“The book demystifies Web3/NFTs/blockchain for businesses and provides a framework for success in the next phase of the internet,” NFTBark told the Gazette. “The book is designed to bring value to people with an understanding of Web3 - whether you're an NFT aficionado or have never heard of Bitcoin. We break down what NFTs are, provide a framework of what makes an NFT program work, and give executional considerations for anyone looking to enter Web3.”

The Everything Token is currently available online on Amazon and at retailers like Target, Walmart, Barnes & Noble, and wherever else books are sold!

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow The Everything Token’s release. Stay tuned for updates!

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