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The Window For Gucci Vault Material Holders To Exchange Their NFTs For A Gucci Item Closes Tomorrow

Gucci Vault material holders don’t forget, you have until tomorrow night at 6 P.M. EST to exchange your ‘magical ethereal material’ for a Gucci physical item that’s co-branded by 10KTF!

Last month, Fake News Tokyo’s Guccheeta-San penned an article called ‘SEND IT ALREADY WAGMI,’ that revealed that Gucci Vault Material holders could take part in “the great Gucci Vault Exchange” and finally receive their highly anticipated physical gift from Wagmi-San!

During ‘The Great Gucci Vault Exchange,’ Gucci Vault Material Holders exchange either one Gucci Vault Material for a Gucci wallet or three Gucci Vault Materials for a duffle bag.

For more information on turning your digital textiles into physical Gucci items, you can visit 10KTF’s website here:

Again, the window to exchange your Gucci Vault Material item closes tomorrow at 6 P.M. EST!

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, 2,896 Gucci Vault Materials were crafted and given to Gucci Grail holders as a 10KTF Battle Town mission reward last year.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the great Gucci Vault Exchange and will keep you posted on everything Yuga Labs and Gucci do next! Stay tuned for updates.

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