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These Bored Ape Brothers' Trippy Ape Inspired Project Drops Tomorrow. Find Out More Here:

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

These bored ape brothers are launching their NFT project Paradise Trippies.

Paradise Trippies is a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs born from Andy Booth’s trippy fur ape, Party Pete.

Andy and James Booth are both well known around the Bored Ape Yacht Club and have captured the attention of apes and non-apes alike with their big purchases and bigger sales.

One of the Booth brothers biggest purchases was Bored Ape #9696. Bored Ape #9696, AKA Party Pete, is a six trait trippy fur ape with a party hat and a guayabera shirt. Andy Booth purchased Bored Ape #9696 for 160 Eth or $656,000 USD.

“Well @BoredApeYC... I am finally back,” Andy tweeted after the purchase. “I have abandoned my love of the simple apes and gone for the opposite extreme, a Trippy party animal, a reminder that life CAN be a blast and that there's a ton of exciting things on the way. Sometimes you need a nudge.”

That little nudge and reminder that life can be a blast grown into brand new project that Andy Booth brothers say will expand the world of the BAYC.

“It’s an expansion of the narrative, Andy Booth told the Bored Ape Gazette. “Our interpretation and character development. Paradise is just now another destination and potential part of a bigger overall story. That’s part of being an ape holder!”

Paradise Trippies story begins like most good stories, at a bar. Here we find Party Pete telling the tale of Paradise island. “a mystical place only reached by drinking the notorious trippy brew,” according to the project’s website.

For those apes and non-apes that are interested in making the voyage to Paradise Island and drinking the “trippy brew”, Paradise Trippies public sale begins tomorrow, November 30th. Be sure to check out the projects website here: or check the project out on Twitter @Connect.

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