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These Bored Apes Are Raising Money To Help Real Life Apes And Chimpanzees

Crypto artist Dario Desiena has teamed up with the NFT Art Collective to raise money for real life apes.

“The Bored Ape community has been great to me it’s time to give back,” Desiena tweeted. “I am partnering with @joetheboredape and the people at Apes4Apes to kick off their donations drive and I am donating 100% of the proceeds of this sale to the @cfga Center For Great Apes.”

Desiena’s piece titled, “Center for Bored Apes - Bored ape remix #609” is Available right now on opensea for .08 Eth.

This is the first on many fundraisers being organized by @joetheboredape and the NFT Art collective to help real world apes and chimpanzees.

“Attention all apes and animal lovers,” the NFT Art I collective tweeted. “I'm organizing a fundraiser for @projectchimps, a 501(c)(3) sanctuary for chimps who were raised in labs & used for research. I'm looking for artists to donate Bored Ape derivatives for an auction on July 14th, "World Chimpanzee Day.”

If youre interested in having your art be included, please reach out to the NFT Art Collective on Twitter @NFTartCo or @joetheboredape

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