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These Elite Apes Are Working To Introduce Bored Ape yacht Club Members To The World Of Whisky:

The Founders of the Elite Apes, a Hong Kong based community of over 150 Bored Ape Yacht Club members, are working to introduce BAYC members and the NFT community to the private world of investment grade Whisky.

BAYC members Steve Ape and Jason Au, who started the Elite Apes in July 2021, are working with some of the biggest names in whisky to create Elite Apes Whisky World.

“Elite Apes Whisky World is a salon privé community of pioneer whisky lovers, utilizing web3 technologies to revolutionize our whisky experience,” the project’s website states. “We are not here to flip some whisky nfts. Our purpose is to build the world’s 1st genuine web3 whisky community amongst members of whisky lovers, private collectors, whisky OGs, and master blenders, master distillers & distilleries around the world.”

During an interview with the Bored Ape Gazette, Elite Apes Whisky World project lead, Hugh Bell explained that the goal of the project is to combine “the top of the Web3 world with the top of the whisky world.”

Holders of the Elites Apes Whisky World will be given access to curated drops of rare whiskies, priceless whisky experiences, among other perks, according to the project’s website.

The price to join Elite Apes Whisky World is $3888 USD. BAYC members who are interested in joining the community can find out more information on the Elite Apes Whisky World website: and sign up for the projects whitelist.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the Elite Apes and will bring you more stories about this group of BAYC members!

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