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These Voyagers Received Winged Helmets For Winning The Otherside 2nd Trip Contest

After a fierce competition during the second trip last month, Glacia team members received their reward for winning the first ever Otherside competition!

“The Winged Helmet airdrop to players on Team Glacia has been completed,” Yuga Labs tweeted from its OthersideMeta account this afternoon. “Thanks to all who participated and congratulations to @jfwong for leading team Glacia to victory during 2nd Trip.”

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, Voyagers were separated into four teams during the Second Trip to the Otherside on March 25th and competed in the first ever Otherside competition.

The contest came down to the wire as the four teams of Voyagers, which were led by Jimmy Wong, Brycent, Lowbellie, and Champ Medici, accumulated points by collecting blobs for the giant toads.

In the end, Wong and his Glacia (Blue) team won the game after they accumulated 5,678,625 points; defeating Brrycent’s Crimson team by a margin of just 2,117 points.

“Holy crap this is as CLOSE as it gets,” Wong tweeted after the Second Trip. “Well played to all of the Team Captains, it was a valiant match @brycent_@lowbellie @champmedici.”

As a reward for the Glacia team’s valiant efforts, Curtis and Blue gave the team helmets.

“Team Galcia won and now their getting some helmets to wear on their heads,” Curtis rhythmically sang as every Galcia team members floated and danced.

In total, 2,218 winged helmets were airdropped to Glacia team members and they are currently selling for .365 Eth or $677 USD under a new collection dubbed “Otherside Relics.”

“The Otherside Relics collection consists of rewards for achievements and limited edition curios that commemorate legendary moments in the Otherside saga,” Yuga Labs wrote as the new collections item description. “Some of the items in this collection will be designed in collaboration with select partners, such as Gucci.”

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the Otherside Relics collection and will let you know when new items are added to it. Stay tuned for updates!

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