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This BAYC Member Wants To Buy Your Ape For More Than The Bots Will Offer

After seeing bots get good deals this weekend this Bored Ape Yacht Club member wanted in on the action; and offered to pay 2.7 ETH for any Ape for the next 12 hours

“For the next 12 hours I’m buying any and all #BAYC floor apes at 2.7 eth, Dfarmer.eth

Tweeted. “Stop feeding the bots at 2.2 and such. Just dm me the Opensea and I’ll buy, not even looking at the ape.”

After the 12 hours ended, Dfarmer wound up purchasing Bored Apes #7763 and #9811 for 2.7 Eth each.

“I was pissed/sad at people getting sniped by ai bots and these low efforts being rewarded,” Dfarmer told the Gazette. “So I offered a better price to all and still feel like I got a good deal.”

Dfarmer told the Gazette that while the 12 hour period is over, he is still interested in purchasing fairly priced floor apes from users who are going to accept a bot's offer.

“I am always Interested in value and bots really go for bottom of the barrel bordering angle shoot,” he said. “I get it, but don’t love it. So yeah if you have some more of them 4 traits you’re paper handing under 3 eth or Noise furs/grills under 4 just ping me first. I can guarantee I’ll be happy to give better value.”

Dfarmer is no stranger to buying Bored Apes. As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, Dfarmer went on a shopping spree purchasing 10 Bored apes including a gold fur ape for 61,000 USD.

If you’re interested in selling your ape feel free to reach out to Dfarmer on Twitter @ OGDfarmer.

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