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This Father And Son Duo Is Selling An NFT That Can Be Burned For A Physical Bored Ape Chess Set:

This toy maker is set to launch an NFT project this weekend that can be burned for a physical Bored Ape inspired Chess set featuring notable apes from the swamp.

For the past six months, Ricardo AKA GolemZ NFT and his father have been creating custom toys of Bored Ape Yacht Club member’s apes and have created quite the following.

So far the pair has created over 300 1:1 physical custom ape toys for various BAYC members.

“My son Ricardo is the mastermind,” IsmToys told the Bored Ape Gazette. “We noticed that many apes started asking for customization of their apes.”

As more and more orders came in, Ricardo and his father lined up a handful of apes one day and noted that they looked like a game of chess.

“We were producing a lot of apes and one day we have like 8 lined up for a photo shoot and made a joke that it looks like chess,” IsmToys said. “And then we asked guys like Franklin and MiamiApe their thoughts and everyone went crazy.”

What started as a quick comment about chess quickly turned into a new NFT project that can be burned for a “physical beautifully handmade Wood Bored (Pun) and handmade Resin Marble pieces with felt bottoms,” according to the IsmToys website.

In total, the father and son duo are selling 399 Chess sets on May 20th and 21st for .16 Eth.

If you’re interested in purchasing the NFT and getting the physical Chess set, BAYC and MAYC members can reach out to Ismtoys or GolemZGuard on Twitter for an allow list spot. Note this spot does not guarantee that you’ll get the NFT, according to IsmToys.

Take a look at what the physical chess board and pieces will look like:

You can find out more about the upcoming mint here:

You can also read all the details about the mint below:

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