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This NFT Fund That Was Started By A CryptoPunk Purchased An All Gold Otherdeed& Gold Koda For $367K

After a successful First Trip to the Otherside, this crypto fund that was started by a famous CryptoPunk went for gold and picked up an all gold Otherdeed.

6529 Capital, an NFT fund that was started by Punk6529 in February 2022, purchased Otherdeed #66463 for 276 Eth or 367,869 USD.

Otherdeed #66463 is a four star Luster environment on Rainbow Atmos sediment with Spikeweed and Luster resources.

Otherdeed #66463 is also home to Koda #9911. Koda #9911 is a Mega Koda with a Doubloon core, Commander dead and Golden Grill eyes. Koda #9911 is also armed with a Lights Edge weapon.

The Bored Ape Gazette reached out to 6529 Capital after the purchase but did not immediately hear back from them.

While the Bored Ape Gazette did not hear back from 6529 Capital, Punk6529 has previously tweeted about the fund’s investment thesis. This investment thesis may give us an idea as to why the fund decided to purchase Otherdeed #66463.

“The fund thesis is that we believe power laws exist in art & culture, as they do in technology, Punk6529 tweeted on February 7th, 2022 in a 27 part tweet thread regarding 6529 Capital. “Given this, the goal of the fund is to try to buy the best pieces we can, from the collections and artists that we believe are the most likely to make it in the long run.”

Check Out Punk 6529's full Twitter thread below:

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Punk6529 and his fund.

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