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This Bored Ape Is Giving Every BAYC Member A Free Drink At His Ape Themed Convenience Store

Calling all thirsty Apes; this Bored Ape Yacht Club member just opened an ape themed convenience store in Hamburg Germany.

BAYC member Cryptorenner.Eth recently opened a new 24/7 contactless digital convenience store called “Ape inn.”

Ape Inn patrons can select snacks, drinks, and other items from various vending machines throughout the Bored Ape themed store.

To celebrate their recent opening, Cryptorenner is offering every BAYC and MAYC member a free drink at his shop! All you have to do is DM him on Twitter @Ape__Inn.

Ape Inn’s mascot is Bored Ape #9691. Bored Ape #9691 is a five trtait gray fur primate with 3d glasses, a bored unshaven mouth and a king’s crown.

If you’re interested in checking out Ape Inn for yourself, the shop’s address is 28-32, 20253 Hamburg, Germany.

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