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TURN ON: Meebits Have A New Website, Roadmap, And A Free Physical Claim. Find Out More:

After teasing the Meebit community in July, Yuga Labs has turned on the project and is Meebing out with a new website and a free physical claim for Meebit holders.

On Tuesday, Yuga Labs introduced the NFT community to the new Meebit’s website and journey dubbed MB1.

“MB1 represents a beginning; the first chapter of this story,” Meebits Brand Lead DannyGreene.Eth wrote in blog post today. “As the Meebits go adventuring, this evolving site will be your access to every experience along the way. There will be nine releases to MB1, and this new site will be a launchpad for each new experience, activation, or opportunity. For now, come play with one of your Meebits (or one of ours) and make them dance, float, or just “Meeb out” to some AI music powered by wrapsound’s digital boombox. Feels good to stretch those arms… and especially those legs.”

As part of the MB1 journey, Greene and Yuga Labs announced a free physical print claim for all Meebit holders. These prints will be 1-of-1 exclusives of each Meebit holders NFT. Meebit holders will have two weeks to claim their physical print from the new Meebit website here:

Take a look at the prints below:

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow to MB1 and will keep you posted on all things Meebits!

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