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TWELVEFOLD TUESDAY: This Prolific Puzzler Solved Yuga Labs' Third Blockchain Brain Teaser Today!

Twelvefold Tuesday around the Yugaverse is becoming a two-person race as Omaru53684882 has solved Yuga Labs’ blockchain brain teaser first for the second week in a row, and Jtobcat finished right behind him and broke down how he solved the problem on Twitter.

Yuga Labs knows no ‘limits’ as it released its third Twelvefold themed puzzle on Tuesday afternoon.

Within two hours of Yuga Labs posting the puzzle, the company announced that Omaru53684882 was the first person to crack the code and submit the correct answer, 'Limits.'

“Yeah seems like I was the first because they put the link to my inscription,” Omaru53684882 told the Gazette after his win.

Once Yuga Labs announced who won, Jtobcat, who solved the first ever Twelvefold puzzle three weeks ago, took to Twitter and broke down how he did it in a nine-part Twitter thread.

In his post, Jtobcat explained that particpants needed to “solve the Shaded clues and combine it with a Filler word to get a final Expansion word (that was also clued) that would fit a matching shaded pattern on the grid.”

Doing this gave solvers this grid:

“With the grid completed, all that's left is the 6 squares cutout from a Twelvefold,” Jtobcat explained. “These can all be identified as being cutout from Twelvefold 245. Locating where these pieces were originally cutout creates a grille grid (an item with holes cutout intended to be put over a message to highlight specific letters.) Overlaying this grille on the crossword grid reveals the 6 letters of the final answer LIMITS.”

After being the first to solve this week’s puzzle Omaru53684882 told the Gazette that he’s looking forward to the next one.

“I'm expecting a wide variety of puzzles, exploring different mechanics, he said. “I hope to win more, but I'm not sure I'll be available every week to be the first.”

Yuga Labs will release its next Twelvefold puzzle next Tuesday and will continue releasing new puzzles every week between now and November 28, 2023. Stay tuned for updates!

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