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UPDATE: Llama Gave The ApeCoin DAO An Update On The Staking Bug Bounty Program Today

The ApeCoin DAO’s bug bounty program issued a “goodwill payment” for a low severity bug that was recently discovered.

As the ApeCoin DAO’ staking system went live this afternoon, the community received an update on its staking bug bounty program from its partner, Llama.

“We’re about 5 days into the mainnet bounty program,” Llama wrote on the DAO’s Discourse page today. “We’ve received 17 submissions so far and no bugs have been found. 16 reports were determined to not be eligible for a reward and have been closed. We’ve decided to issue one goodwill payment for a low severity report. Although we determined the identification to be out of scope because it requires user or admin error, we think it’s best to show our appreciation to the whitehat. They found that there are multiple times in the contract where the pools[_poolId]. timeRangesarray is accessed without a require statement that prevents an array out of bounds error. This means a user could trigger a panic exception. Although this doesn’t put any funds at risk and is not possible to trigger without user/admin error, we thought it was best to show our appreciation by rewarding the Low risk bounty payout. As always let us know if you have any questions!”

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported the ApeCoin DAO approved of the creation, and funding of, a bug bounty program prior to the DAO’s staking system going live.

The ApeCoin DAO’s bug bounty program is currently in its second phase. This second phase of the bug bounty program will run for the entirety of the ApeCoin DAO’s three year staking system.

Anyone who finds a bug in the code between now and the end of the DAO's staking cycle can submit it to Immunefi or Llama and receive up t0 $1,008,888 USD.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the bug bounty program and will keep you posted on all things staking.

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