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VALENTINE VIBES: JenkinsTheValet Is Writing A Little Love Story To Celebrate Valentines Day& He Wants To Features Some NFTs!

With love in the air around the swamp this Valentine’s Day, the Bored Ape Yacht Club’s valet, Jenkins, is writing a boring little love story, and he's looking for two NFTs to star in it!

On Thursday, JenkinsTheValet announced that he was rekindling his passion for writing this Valentine’s Day by coming up with a 'totally PG blind date' story, featuring two love struck characters from the Web3 world!

“The itch to write is back, and I'm on the hunt for two characters to star in my Valentine's Day short story,” he tweeted. “Drop yours in the comments for a chance at a very special, totally PG-rated blind date.”

While Jenkins would not share any details about the story with the Gazette, he did say that Apes, Mutants, Doggos, HVs, Azurians, and everyone else in the Web3 world has until Sunday to apply and possibly be featured in his new short!

“Can't share anything yet,” Jenkins said. “The submissions dripping in are all over the place - desperate apes, horny mutants, and a whole lot of guys. Let's see.”

Take a look at some of the NFTs that have applied to be Jenkins’ muses below:

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Jenkins’ Valentine’s Day love story and will let you know who he picks for his blind date book! Stay tuned for updates!

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