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VOTE NOW: The Window For Meebit Holders To Vote In The First Prop House Competition Closes Tomorrow

The window for Meebit holders to vote in the first round of the Meebits Prop House funding competition closes tomorrow afternoon.

After the ApeCoin DAO approved of a proposal to fund several $Ape microgrants for Meebit builders, Special Council Member Maaria Bajwa and the Prop House team kicked off the first of three Meebit funding competitions earlier this month.

In total, 29 builders and artist submitted proposals to the first contest, and now the Meebit community gets to decide which ideas to fund!

“Only 20 hours left to vote vote (gas-less signature required) for the first round of @meebitshouse,” Yuga Labs Meebits Brand Lead Danny Greene tweeted earlier today. “Some really exceptional proposals that will help to build tools and awareness for Meebits! Vote.”

Meebit holders who are interested in reading more about the proposals and casting their vote can check out the Prop House competition here:

The Bored Ape Gazette will let you know which three proposals get funded once the window to vote closes tomorrow at 4 P.M. EST. Stay tuned for updates!

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