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WAA-BAM WINS: ApeCoin DAO Special Council Member Waabam Was Reelected Last Night With 60% Of The Vote!

ApeCoin DAO Special Council member Waabam made history last night by becoming the second Council member ever to be elected to a second term and the first Special Council candidate to receive an outright majority of the vote!

The ApeCoin DAO’s summer election season ended with a resounding victory for incumbent candidate Waabam, who received 60.49% of the over 34 million votes cast after candidates Aaron Haber and JasonJape effectively dropped out of the race and put their support behind Waabam.


After the polls closed, Waabam celebrated the results by getting back to work.

Last night, he took to Twitter and told the community that he wants to bring DAO governance on-chain and discussed the importance of the Banana Bill Ape Improvement Proposal.


“Wow, thank you ApeCoin DAO and thank you BAYC,” Waabam tweeted. “The support, the show of unity... the last few days have been insane. This will be last term on Special Council. During my term, we will: Move ApeCoin DAO governance entirely on-chain. Launch ApeChain with a narrative, chain infrastructure and user experience that are industry-firsts. Put ApeCoin back into the cultural consciousness of crypto. It starts tomorrow with the Banana Bill. Apes Gotta Eat.”


Along with Waabam’s big win last night, Mohamed.Edu/Moca also won a spot on the Special Council. Johnny Lee and Romantik were elected as the DAO’s first two Web3 Development Working Group Stewards. AllCityBAYC and DeSmart were elected to be the DAO’s next Governance Working Group Stewards. Phil Watkins was elected as the DAO’s next Metaverse Working Group Steward. Yumipeixuan was elected as the DAO’s next Marketing and Communications Working Group Steward.

The Bored Ape Gazette is working to bring you additional coverage of last night’s election and will continue to follow Waabam throughout his 2nd Special Council term. Stay tuned for updates!

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Poppy Mis
Poppy Mis
22 juin

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