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'WELCOME TO SERUM CITY': Apes, Mutant Hounds,And Oath Takers Can Now Play Novel Labs and Faraway's Web3 Builder Game

Bored Ape Yacht Club members, Mutant Hounds, and Oath Takers can now enter the insane world of Serum City, and start making a name for themselves as they build and barter their way up the ranks of the Mutant Cartel!

Things were anything but boring in the expanded Yugaverse on Thursday as Novel Labs and Faraway Studio’s highly anticipated ApeCoin-powered, interoperable Web3 world builder game, Serum City, launched!

“The doors have opened,” Faraway tweeted this morning. “Welcome to Serum City, Freshblood.”

At this time, anyone who owns an Ape, Mutant Hound, or Mutant Cartel Oath NFT can connect their wallets, or use Warm.Xyz, to claim one Serum City pass per NFT they hold.

Once in town, Apes will get a Clubhouse, Mutant Hounds will get a castle and Oath takers will get an Oath HQ building to start their journeys.

From there, players will engage in activities such as stealing, trading, crafting, and building as they make their way up the Mutant Cartel ranks, progressing from lowly thieves to becoming a cartel boss and earning a piece of the game's six figure prize pool for the game’s first and second seasons.

“Minimum prize pool for Season 1 & 2 of @Serumcity winner is $100,000, among other 1/1 NFTs,” Novel Labs Founder, Lior.Eth recently tweeted. “Excited to see who wins.”

The Bored Ape Gazette is working to bring you continued coverage of Serum City’s launch and will keep you posted on the game. Stay tuned for updates!

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