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WELCOME TO SERUM CITY: Novel Labs Teased Its New City Builder Game. Here's What You Need To Know

Something is brewing at Novel Labs as the company gets ready to launch its interoperable Web3 city builder game, Serum City.

Things were anything but boring in the expanded Yugaverse today as Novel Labs, the company behind Mutant Hounds and The Mutant Cartel, took to Twitter to welcome the community to Serum City and invite everyone to register for updates!

“Welcome to Serum City,” Novel Labs tweeted from its Serum City account. “Carve out your empire in this subterranean Mutant metropolis. Build, barter, compete, and climb your way to a seat at the Bosses Table. Powered by Apecoin.”

At this time, we do not know when Serum City will open but we do know that Mutant Cartel Oath holders, Mutant Hounds, Mutant Hound Fusion holders, MAYC, and BAYC members will be invited to claim a Serum City Access Pass NFT later this year.

We also know that Serum City will have multiple seasons that last three months each. Further, During the inaugural season of the game, players will engage in activities such as stealing, trading, crafting, and building as they make their way up the Mutant Cartel ranks, progressing from lowly thieves to earning a seat at the bosses' table, according to the game’s website.

For more information on Serum City, check out the world’s website here:

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Novel Labs and everything they’re building. Stay tuned for updates!

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