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WHAT'S IN THE BOX: Avant Arte Teased Upcoming Collaboration With The CryptoPunks!

The Yugaverse is pumped for Punks after Avant Arte, a well-known platform in the digital art world boasting 2.5 million Instagram followers, teased an upcoming collaboration with CryptoPunks, that left everyone wondering, 'What's in the box?

On Tuesday, Avant Arte, a platform that ‘exists to help a new audience discover and own works from outstanding artists, and our attitude to anyone interested in what we do is to always be open and approachable. We build meaningful relationships with our collectors, and prioritize their experience and trust over selling a piece,’ took to Twitter and cryptically shared a CryptoPunk box.

“We’ll just leave this here,” the platform posted along with the eyeball emoji.

CryptoPunks are now one of the 240 Avant Artists that the Avant Arte has featured on its website. The platform also shared a short history of the Punks along with several photos of the icon collection.

Along with the CryptoPunks collection being featured on Avant Arte’s website, the platform teased two upcoming print edition collaborations with the Punks.

“Probably nothing,” Yuga Labs tweeted from its CryptoPunk account after all of this collaboration was announced.

Take a look at Avant Arte's Punk Page here.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Avant Arte and their upcoming CryptoPunks collaboration and will let you know how you can get a Punk print! Stay tuned for updates!

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