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Why This Bored Ape Wants You To Unfollow Him On Twitter

Everyone in the Bored Ape Yacht Club community lives by the code “ape follow ape’” but one Bored Ape wants everyone to unfollow him.

Meet Henry Krinkle, Bored ape number 2249 (at least according to his dog tag). Krinkle is a six trait ape with bloodshot eyes, a big cigar and a sharp military uniform that he got while serving his country in Vietnam, according to his Twitter Bio.

Today, Krinkle is a taxi driver and he has had enough with being followed on Twitter.

“Henry hasn't been getting much sleep,” his owner @CowboyKiller76 told the Gazette. “He’s been getting a little paranoid that the other apes and punks are watching his every move. He can't stand it anymore. He's about to snap.”

As a result of his slight paranoia, Krinkle has taken to Twitter to ask his followers to please unfollow him. At the time of this articles publication, Krinkle has 570 followers.

“Henry says he's plotting something big, CowboyKiller76 said. “He can't stand the filth and depravity in the metaverse these days and plans to take things into his own hands to clean it up.”

When asked what lead krinkle to this opinion, CowboyKiller76 simply said this is just how Krinkle feels after seeing a lot of wrongs done.

“Henry sees a lot of things, people with bad intentions, people taking advantage of others and it makes him sick. No one incident made him the way he is but he's just slowly been ground down by the system,” CowboyKiller76 said.

When asked what Krinkle will do once he completes his mission and has zero followers, CowboyKiller76 said he was unsure what happens next. But he did have a message to any apes that choose to keep following Krinkle, “You were warned.”

Be sure to unfollow @cowboykiller76 on Twitter.

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