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WORLD PREMIERE: The Grailed Made Their Grand Entrance In New Tokyo Today

The popcorn was popped, and the theater was packed as 10KTF's Thursday show premiered on Monday, with the Grailed NFT collection finally making its grand entrance in New Tokyo!

The timeline looked like an old-time monster film this evening as 10KTF pulled back the curtain on its Grailed NFT Collection and revealed Toadz, Megajaws, Ninetails, Krakens, Mosuras, Swampys, and Golems to the Web3 world.

“My Dear Frens,” Wagmi-San wrote in the opening credits. “ All I’ve discovered in my travels, I’ve shared with you to build a future together. But, there are still lessons to learn. Spirit. Heart. Strength. Wisdom. Conviction.Fucking weird. Courage. You’ll learn those tales in time. Just as you learned mine.

As the Grailed wait to learn these seven tales, the community took to Twitter and showed off their creatures.

The Bored Ape Gazette is working to bring you continued coverage of the Grailed and will keep you posted on all things 10KTF. Stay tuned for updates!

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