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'YES': ImprobableIo's CEO Herman Narula Said That Otherside Development Is Going Well

The Otherside is coming along, and Yuga Labs CEO Garga knows what he’s doing, according to ImprobableIo Founder Herman Narula.

Following ImprobableIO’s M Squared update and sizzle reel yesterday, Narula took to the timeline to answer Web3’s biggest question: How’s Otherside coming along?

“People keep asking me if Otherside development is going well through private messages. So I'll just tweet this: Yes,” he wrote. “Yes its going well. That ceo guy they have at yuga, he seems to know what he's doing. The tech seems to work. The projects seem to have reasonably strong design thinking. Things are happening quicker and more iteratively now.”

Narula followed up this tweet by saying that Otherside is the only NFT-backed metaverse that has a shot at working, and that Garga is better than most of the CEOs he has encountered over the years.


As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, Garga announced that the company would be working with Improbable again to make the Otherside a reality during a Metaverse Town Hall meeting on May 2nd.

“The previous leadership at Yuga was focused on building a lot of Otherside’s capabilities from the ground up,” Garga said.“But building everything yourself takes a long time and we didn’t want to ship on a Web2 cadence, we wanted to ship like our butts were completely on fire. So when I took over the CEO spot 2 months ago I decided to make a big change. Going forward, we are contributing everything we built, all the shit that we worked hard to do, and we are putting it on M squared. Otherside is going to live on M squared. We are buddies with IO again. We are locking arms with Improbable, and we are migrating Otherside to M squared and they are returning the favor by building out some additional capabilities for us. Honestly, we are all super stoked about it.”

By working with Improbable to build Otherside atop their M Squared tech and abiding by their network's open-format building protocol, Metaverse Markup Language, Yuga Labs’ Otherside will join an interoperable network of metaverses that are all powered by M Squared. Further, Apes and Voyagers will be able to build on top of what Yuga Labs and other creators make, working together as a community to create games and the metaverse a reality.


“We make shit. We give it to you. You make shit too,” Garga tweeted yesterday regarding Improbabe’s M Squared tech. “And if any of us ever hit it right, like WarCraft III's custom games / "use map settings" birthed countless stand-alone games and entire genres like MOBAs. Then we're off to the races. Because web3 rails make modding, custom games, monetization, owning part of a network, etc all so, so much better than the legacy web2 model.”



BAYC members, Voyagers, and the Yugaverse will be heading to the Otherside next month for Yuga Labs’ new action game series, Project Dragon.


The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow all things Otherside. Stay tuned for updates!

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20 de jun.

Exciting times ahead for Otherside and Yuga Labs! Garga's leadership and the partnership with Improbable look promising. tunnel rush

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