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Yuga Labs' Bad Teeth And Keegan Will Be Demystifying The G Tags Tonight On 10KTF Teaching Tuesday!

G Tags, Popcorn, and all things Grailed will be demystified in New Tokyo tonight as Yuga Labs’ Bad Teeth sits down with Keegan on this week’s edition of 10KTF Teaching Tuesday!

 After months of speculation, numerous bounties, plenty of popped popcorn, and cryptic tweets every Thursday, the Yugaverse will finally get their questions about G Tags answered tonight at 9: 15 P.M. EST as trading on popcorn and bells gets ready to begin this Thursday, February 1st!


“I think that tonight will revisit some important deadlines on what’s to come with trading popcorn and G Tags,” Keegan told the paper. “What it will mean moving forward. If you are looking to be a part of the upcoming pfp collection “The Grailed” it will be important to know some of the mechanics going into it that start on February 1st.”

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported G Tags are the profile photo collection of 10KTF AKA ‘The Grailed,’ and holders’ choices and decisions during Battle Town season 2 will impact their final PFP.  

“PFP class is determined by the type of popcorn of which you have the highest count on a G Tag, relative to all participants with loaded G Tags,” 10KTF tweeted on September 7,2023. “Trait rarity is determined by the total count of Popcorn loaded onto a G Tag regardless of type. Popcorn loading is final.”

Each G Tag will become one of seven different classes: 1. Kraken, 2. Golem, 3. MegaJaw, 4.Ninetails, 5. Swampy, 6. Toadz, 7. Mosura.

Last week 10KTF shared a new teaser trailer that gave the Yugaverse a closer look at the seven 10KTF classes!


With so much going on with the Grailed collection, Bad Teeth told the Gazette that tonight’s space will be all about explaining to holders what they can chose to do with their NFTs.

“Popcorn and Bell trading starts Thursday so we’re making sure people understand what their options are for loading G Tags (no dash) and how that will impact the look and rank of their Grailed PFPs,” he explained. ” There are lots of variables, so going to hop on with Keegan and answer as many questions as possible”


The Bored Ape Gazette will be in attendance during tonight’s space and will bring you live tweets and a full report about the Grailed. Stay tuned for updates!

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