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Yuga Labs CEO Garga Called ApeChain 'The Best Thing To Happen To ApeCoin Maybe Ever' In His '10 Day Check In' Post Last Night!

Things were anything but boring around the swamp last night as Yuga Labs CEO Garga hopped on Twitter to share his thoughts on the bureaucracy of the ApeCoin DAO and ApeChain’s potential to right the ship, calling it the 'best thing to happen to ApeCoin, maybe ever.'

Following a week and a half that’s been anything but boring around the swamp and broader Yugaverse, Garga took to the timeline with a '10-day check-in' post to share his two cents on the state of the DAO and the impact ApeChain could have on Yuga Labs and $Ape going forward.


“I think what the DAO has been building with ApeChain has the opportunity to create a similar platform for people to contribute,” Garga wrote. “It's a separate topic but ApeCoin has been so far from reaching its potential it's disgusting. I think the lack of a place for people to direct their energies has been a huge impediment. So far the only way for ApeCoin holders to express themselves has been the DAO, in straight up governance. There's been a lot of messy shit. The stuff that democracy and lack of vision will engender. DAO ended up with all the negative parts of decentralization, and almost none of the positives, like permissionless building. when was the last time you heard of the Blast DAO? we didn't vote or have a say in what the DAO decided to do. but I think the move to Arbitrum and ApeChain is the best thing to happen to ApeCoin maybe ever. Giving anybody anywhere who identifies as an ape a place to build shit. No need ask for permission.”


“TLDR… “ApeChain is the best thing to happen to ApeCoin maybe ever” -

@CryptoGarga," Apecoin DAO Special Council Member Captain Trippy tweeted following Garga’s check in last night. “Literally wrote this in big bold letters when I was running for SC. APECHAIN circled it like 10 times bc it’s the main thing and been working passionately (and sometimes painfully) with others to bring this to you. I think you are going to love it.”

Garga and the Yuga Labs team being excited for the Horizen Labs, Offchain Labs, and the Arbitrum team’s ApeChain to launch as part of the of Arbitrum’s Orbit chains this summer is nothing new.

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, Garga reaffirmed that Yuga Labs’ Otherside would be powered by $Ape during his metaverse Town Hall earlier this month. He also provided more details about the Otherside’s economy last weekend on Discord.


“Otherside economy will happen via ape,” he said. “So if you want to buy or sell things in-game or monetize ODK, that’s ApeCoin you’re spending on ApeChain. The idea was always to have a central several islands where people can congregate and socialize and trade and that’s how we’ve been developing the Agora.”


At the time of this article’s publication, Apechain's mainnet is set to go live in either late June or early July and the DAO already has 34 Developers either committed or close to committing to building on ApeChain, according to Horizon Labs’ VP of Ecosystem Growth, Blockchainzilla.


The Bored Ape Gazette is working on bringing you additional coverage of Garga’s check in tweet last night and will keep you posted on all things $Ape. Stay tuned for updates!

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Wilson Rosie
Wilson Rosie
May 27

It suggests a concerted effort to establish the Otherside as a thriving metaverse with a robust in-game economy. connections game

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