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Yuga Labs CEO Garga Said That He And The Yuga Labs Team Will Start Shipping Things Next Month. Here's What We Know So Far:

As June comes to an end, Garga reflected on the last four months since coming BAYC as CEO of Yuga Labs, saying he’s stoked to ship things throughout an eventful July that has his fellow Co-Founder Gordon Goner’s juju sprinkled all over it!

On Thursday, Garga gave the community another update and personal reflection, sharing that things haven't been easy since coming back to Yuga Labs, but that the future looks bored and bright.

"Been a busy, hard four months since I stepped in as CEO of Yuga but stoked for July," Garga tweeted. "Early on Gordon and I would say to each other that the job of an NFT founder is to eat shit sandwiches. Do hard things and smile and move on. Fair share of shit sandwiches and hard choices over the last few months. But our bi-weekly "What's Up Yuga" meeting where we demo all the things being built throughout the company has gotten to be incredible. Tons of delightful stuff being made, at a faster clip than ever before. More of what we're doing and how we're doing it is under my supervision than at any time since 2021. And Gordo making time to sprinkle his juju on stuff the team is working on too. There's a lag time of course. Nothing we've been working on since I've been back has shipped. But that changes next month.”



While we do not know everything that Garga and Yuga Labs have planned for July, we do know that Yuga Labs’ 3,000+ multiplayer action shooter series, Project Dragon, is set to begin at some point.

“For Otherside's First Trip we had 4,500 concurrent players. Second Trip: 7,200. Next month we're doing something a little different,” Garga tweeted on June 18th. “Otherside's Project Dragon will feature similar mass density numbers, but this time we're adding action gameplay. Guns, grenades. Capture a point and defend it. With a thousand+ people on your team. Will it be janky at first? Probably. Will it be chaotic? For sure. We'll be iterating on this model continuously, holding a new Project Dragon event with more features every single month.”


Further, we know that the ApeCoin DAO’s ApeChain, which Yuga Labs’ Otherside runs, is slated to launch as part of the Arbitrum orbit chains at some point in July and that Yuga Labs is one of the 40+ developers committed to building on $Ape, according to Horizen Labs' VP of Ecosystem Growth, Blockchainzilla.

Following Garga’s post, Web3 personality BeanieMaxi asked Garga whether these upcoming moves would ‘revive the BAYC market,’ to which Garga replied, “All we can do is ship stuff we’re proud of. There’s nothing financialized in what we’re building. If people are looking to make flips, there are shitcoins for that.”


Yuga Labs is scheduled to host its fifth Bored Meeting next Tuesday, July 2nd, where we may find out more about what’s to come.

"The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow all things BAYC, Project Dragon, and ApeChain, and will let you know more about what Garga and the team have in store for the community when more information becomes available. Stay tuned for updates!

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