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Yuga Labs CEO Garga Said That The Best Way To Bring More People Into Web3 Is By 'Turning This Into The Wildest Fucking House Party On Earth'

Yuga Labs CEO Garga joined his fellow ‘Web3 Avengers’ on a Spaces Stage  late last night and said that the way to grow the Web3 world is to be crypto native and to make so much noise that the broader Crypto community and normies cannot ignore us!

On Thursday, Yuga Labs’ Garga, Pudgy Penguins’ Luca Netz, Azuki’s Zagabond, Memeland’s 9GagCEO, and DeGods’ FrankDeGods came together like a bunch of Super Frens to discuss building Web3 and the future of digital collectibles. 

During the Space, Web3 personality Jonah Blake brought up the difficulties of explaining NFTs to Web2 gaming developers and the obstacles that Web3 businesses have to overcome to onboard the masses. To this, Garga replied that, based on his experiences at Yuga Labs, this onboarding of Web2 developers and constant normie outreach may not be the best approach to growing the space. 

“Talking about trying to onboard Web2 game Devs for example, I don’t even know that we want to, to be honest,” he said. “Like I’ve hired people like that before and its hard. This space is too idiosyncratic. We’ve had the odd experience of like cool, once you’ve been on the Tonight Show four months in, how are you cool again ever?  Before I was even doxed, my dad was seeing Apes on murals near his house and shit like that here in Miami. So, I agree, its more about bringing the IP to a place where people in the Space are championing it, exploring it, and basically turning this into the wildest fucking house party on Earth that gets other people outside the Space to want to be part of it. Not so much leaving breadcrumb trails in the outer world for other people to find. At least that’s my perspective. So how can we take a really hardcore cryptonative approach, Luka talked about NFTfi earlier, I actually think the success of that strand of things will help drive a lot of love and attention to the products themselves and bring a lot of people from the outside in. And you’ve done an amazing job of that by opening up the top of the funnel and getting that recognition, but I don’t think it truly converts until we make things work on a cryptonative level.”

As the Bore Ape Gazette previously reported, Garga has been focused on making the BAYC and Yuga Labs more cryptonative since he aped back into the CEO of Yuga Labs job in February 2024

 Since his return, Garga has made it clear that cryptonative ‘degen shit’ is a pillar of Yuga Labs and the BAYC.

“Anything we do needs to have three pillars,” Garga tweeted on May 8th. “1. Content. What’s the story we’re delivering, and does it have a strong point of view (basically, if it feels like a story anyone else could tell, then don’t bother telling it) 2. Tool. What are we putting into people's hands so they can contribute to growing the network. 3. Degen shit. Gasoline poured on top of 1 and 2.”

The Bored Ape Gazette is working to bring you additional coverage of last night’s Space and will continue to follow Yuga Labs’ cryptonative approaches. Stay tuned for updates!

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