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Yuga Labs CEO Garga Says That He Was Unaware That Yuga Labs Was A World Economic Forum Partner

Things were anything but boring around the swamp today as screenshots from the World Economic Forum's website, showing Yuga Labs listed as one of the international non-governmental organization’s partners, filled the timeline. This led Garga to tell the community that he was unaware of this and prompted Gordon Goner’s CIA handler, Steve, to make a post on his behalf.

On Monday, screenshots from the WEF’s website circulated across Twitter showing that Yuga Labs was listed as one of the group’s partners. This caused many in the community to ask what this was all about, to which Garga responded that he was unaware of this and speculated that it may have been done by Yuga Labs’ former Chief Executive Officer, Daniel Alegre, whom Garga replaced as the company’s CEO in February.

“idk, prob Daniel paid to go to a conference or something,” Garga wrote. “I haven’t been invited to any Illuminati meetings.”


Hours later, Garga responded to a tweet from Foobar about Yuga Labs joining the WEF, reiterating that he was unaware of this.

“Realized people hating on us and making conspiracy theories was a key ingredient to our success and really trying to lean the fuck in you know? Seriously though I did not even know this was a thing. I have not taken a real vacation in three years, there is so much to do and to fix and yet they joined the WEF when I wasn’t looking.”



As Garga works to sort out this WEF situation, many BAYC members took this time to joke about the club being a part of the Illuminati.


Even Yuga Labs’ Co-Founder Gordon Goner’s rarely heard from CIA Handler Steve took to Twitter to discuss Goner’s affinity for Doritos flavored insect paste and the treatments Goner is voluntarily undergoing.


“Hey everyone! This is Wylie’s CIA handler, Steve. Everything is fine. Do not panic. Wylie is currently undergoing some (completely elective and silly) “behavioral modification video sessions" and is unable to tweet right now. But he wanted you all to know that he loves eating his fun and delicious Doritos flavored insect food paste and that his “pod” is very womblike and does not fill up periodically with LSD-laced air particles whenever he has a “wrongthink.” He’s so happy here!

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow this story and will let you know when more information becomes available. Stay tuned for updates.

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